Why rowers should do yoga

Perhaps if you think of yoga you imagine something like this. A fabulous, sun-soaked location somewhere exotic, people in brightly coloured outfits, everyone moving as one. Well I hate to let you down but sadly that's not what this post is about. Come to my rowing...

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A hamstring stretch for rowers

Lots of you have told me how useful you found the hip flexor stretch video I posted yesterday, so here's a video demonstrating a hamstring stretch for rowers. Rowers tend to have very tight hamstrings and it's not great for your technique, so it's worth spending some...

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A hip flexor stretch for rowers

Following my last blog post, a few of you asked me to recommend stretches for hip flexors and hamstrings. Your wish is my command, so here's a short video demonstrating a hip flexor stretch. Tomorrow I'll post one to loosen your hamstrings. Of course if you have any...

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