Why Girl on the River needs 15 seconds of your time

Five years ago when I started Girl on the River, it was just a way to stop boring my husband about rowing. "Why don't you write about it?" he said one day, rather wearily. So I did. Yet since then Girl on the River has grown bigger than I could have imagined and come...

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Christmas gift guide for women rowers

I've been saving this gift guide for last, as it's got some of my absolute favourite products of all the ones I've featured so far. This is basically my own, personal Christmas wish list (though I'll let you into a secret - I've already sneaked numbers one and five...

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Christmas gift guide for junior rowers

Satsuma - check. Chocolate coins - check. iTunes voucher - check. New jammies - check. You've been shopping for Britain but it's all still looking a bit... lame. Thankfully help is at hand. There are gifts out there that your junior rower genuinely will love, and they...

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Christmas gift guide for coxes

You don't need me to tell you what an important figure in your life your cox is. It takes a special kind of pint-sized marvel to brave the elements in blistering heat or freezing cold, giving orders to a bunch of giants who could crush them with a little finger, to...

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Christmas gift guide for male rowers

So look. I know it's not quite December yet, and apologies to anyone who doesn't want to hear the C-word until they've started opening their advent calendar, but apparently some people have started doing their Christmas shopping already. I know, terrifying, right? But...

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Queen B Athletics – my favourite rowing kit!

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