A hamstring stretch for rowers

Lots of you have told me how useful you found the hip flexor stretch video I posted yesterday, so here's a video demonstrating a hamstring stretch for rowers. Rowers tend to have very tight hamstrings and it's not great for your technique, so it's worth spending some...

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A hip flexor stretch for rowers

Following my last blog post, a few of you asked me to recommend stretches for hip flexors and hamstrings. Your wish is my command, so here's a short video demonstrating a hip flexor stretch. Tomorrow I'll post one to loosen your hamstrings. Of course if you have any...

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Girl on the River presents her Christmas song 2016

What can I say? I may be more Ed Balls than Louise Redknapp. But you asked for a video so here it is. The Girl on the River Christmas song... and dance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EryKEfqd8fY Huge thanks to the fabulous Laura Gale for her amazing choreography and...

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Why Girl on the River needs 15 seconds of your time

Five years ago when I started Girl on the River, it was just a way to stop boring my husband about rowing. "Why don't you write about it?" he said one day, rather wearily. So I did. Yet since then Girl on the River has grown bigger than I could have imagined and come...

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Christmas gift guide for women rowers

I've been saving this gift guide for last, as it's got some of my absolute favourite products of all the ones I've featured so far. This is basically my own, personal Christmas wish list (though I'll let you into a secret - I've already sneaked numbers one and five...

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