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Patricia Carswell, a.k.a. Girl on the River, is a freelance journalist  specialising in health, family and lifestyle. She’s also a rower who has rapidly developed a burning passion for a sport that doesn’t always love her back. You can read more about her journey from couch potato to obsessed rower here. She has strong views on rowing fashion (and especially all-in-ones) and is very afraid of the Little People hiding along the River Wye.

It doesn’t take much to make Girl on the River happy. A glass of something red and alcoholic will usually do the trick, or a good outing on the river. Oh, and a bit of flattery is always welcome.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Jools says:

    The sport might not love you – but we – your crew mates do:)
    All for one and ‘all in one’ for all………………

  2. Liz says:

    Lovely pic…you look about 17. Which of course you do in the flesh as well!

  3. tried to leave you a long reply but it wouldnt accept it for some reason.
    email me at carolyn@carolynboddington.com there are a few people who are in the state system who may be able to help you. Have you contacted Ann Richardson from Explore Rowing? She may be able to help with equipment.

  4. C Edgar says:

    Tried to leave reply but word press won’t accept well don’t get your comments on press what about new paper New Day?

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