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10 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Mairead says:

    I came across your blog while googling stuff about rowing for my daughter who is doing a summer camp. I wanted her to try it as it’s something I thought I would have loved myself but at 48 assumed I was past it. After reading your wonderful blog, which both of us now enjoy, I think I’ll be checking with one of the clubs nearby to see if there is any training for adult novices!

    • carswellp says:

      Oh, definitely give it a try!! Where do you live? (email me if you don’t want to say publicly – contact details at the top of the page) I might know a club or be able to put you in touch with someone.

  2. Alison says:

    Just finished catching up on your archived posts and wanted to tell you I love your blog. I can relate to much of your commentary – especially about being the lightweight in the boat and the being hungry all the time. Oh, and the injury that kept you off the water for so long (proving once again my mum’s assertion that skinny girls weren’t meant to row – how wrong she is).
    Thank you for filling a very needed masters-women-blog-niche, Patricia!
    Alison Antrobus
    Victoria City Rowing Club

    • carswellp says:

      Thank you so much! Really glad you’re enjoying it. Plenty more to say!! Do keep reading and commenting.

  3. Chris Cox says:

    Have you ever done a review on shoes/ stretchers? My daughter (now rowing a Swansea Uni) has always had issues with shoes that are to big etc, so we are thinging about fixing this by buying some.
    I’m looking for some advice.

    • carswellp says:

      No, I haven’t, I’m afraid. It’s a constant issue at our club, though, with people endlessly complaining that the shoes are either too big or too small. I have been known to wear shoes within shoes when they are really gigantic.

  4. Chris Cox (@ColledgeAV) says:

    Thats food for thought!

  5. Lewin Hynes says:

    Okay here is one of your spring challenges. It has been going for a while but it is a good one. It is the Cross Team Challenge. It is all based on the ergo, every month there is a workout posted and teams compete to put the best average score up. What makes it interesting is that the teams, or boats, have three open slots and two slots reserved for lightweights or female rowers. These are usually the critical members in Gemma of where your teams boat places. Our Row Pro rowers team has held a top three slot for the past three months and we are hoping to hold that for the rest of the year.
    There’s the challenge.

  6. Hey Patricia, Great website! It seems like we might be a fit for you. I’m Nick, the Founder & CEO of LiveRowing. We are developing software for indoor exercise machines. Our first product is for the Concept2 Indoor Rowing machine. TechCrunch is doing a piece on us next week.

    The LiveRowing App is an application that connects the Concept2 indoor rowing machine with other online community users. It was designed to allow the Indoor Rowers and Cross-fitters alike to track their individual performance and compete against each other irrespective of there location. It takes the once isolated indoor exercise of indoor rowing into a collaborative, competitive experience — allowing users to race their friends, other users and even themselves. LiveRowing also tracks “Challenges” for you so if you have a goal of rowing 1million meters — just select that “challenge” and it will start tracking your meters against it. It is also intelligent in the sense that it will find a competitor of like ability using our algorithms.

    Check out our website for more info: liverowing.net

    We have video assets, graphics and photos you could leverage as well. I would be happy to make myself available for an interview.

    We are about 45-60 days from launch.

    Best Regards,

    Nick Sheedy
    Founder & CEO — LiveRowing

  7. Chris Cox says:

    Hi Nick
    Sounds interesting for a project I’m work on.
    Send me some info.

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