Healthy rowing recipes with Vitamix

I've had my eye on a Vitamix for a while, ever since I interviewed someone a few years ago who swore by theirs. For those of you not in the know, Vitamix make top-of-the-range, fearsomely powerful blenders. They are the Ferrari to the Nissan Micra of most blenders on...

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Back to school with Future Fit

I'm always looking for my next challenge. I'm happiest when I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone (hence my last post on learning to steer!) In recent years most of my new endeavours have been fitness related, but my latest venture isn't taking place on the river....

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Life after Rio – an interview with Will Satch

Most days my life is pretty humdrum - a regular cycle of eat-sleep-work-row-repeat. But then along comes a day like the one I had recently that makes the rest all worthwhile. After a morning in the press launch watching the Cambridge crews training for the Boat Races...

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Queen B Athletics – my favourite rowing apparel

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