Chatty woman – Girl on the River takes the mic

Anyone who gets to know me soon becomes aware that I like to talk. If there's a lull in conversation I feel compelled to fill it and I'm rarely lost for words.  I'm the one they seat next to the awkward, monosyllabic uncle at weddings. I even talk to myself. So...

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Beet It – can beetroot make the boat go faster?

We're all endlessly looking for that magic bullet that will help us get the boat over the line before our competitors, so it's hardly surprising that I pricked up my ears when I heard about the latest research on beetroot juice. I've been aware for a while that...

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Look behind you! Learning to steer a sculling boat

As Small Person in Residence at my rowing club, I feel I have to add value wherever I can, to make up for my lack of heft. So it was only a matter of time before I felt obliged to do my bit steering a quad. For those of you baffled by how this all works, a quick...

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Irish Olympian Claire Lambe on why the team is everything

One of the reasons I was so excited to see the Cambridge University Women's crew training for Sunday's Boat Races was the fact that the number three seat is occupied by none other than Irish Olympian, Claire Lambe. Claire represented Ireland in the women's lightweight...

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The Boat Race crews laid bare

I don't know about you, but as soon I know I'm being watched, my rowing completely falls apart. All it takes is a few people hanging out on the rowing club steps and I'm thrashing about like a beginner, and as soon as a photographer hoves into view I'm guaranteed to...

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Vets’ Head – the morning after

It's kinda hard, when you return to normal life the day after something like the Vets' Head, to get across to non-rowers quite how momentous these events are without sounding like a freak. "So how was your weekend?" they ask, innocently. "Do anything nice?" "Well,"...

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Queen B Athletics – my favourite rowing apparel

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