What to expect at the Vets’ Head

(Pic by Ben Rodford, ridiculous editing by me) With just two Vets' Heads under my belt, I'm hardly a world-weary, battle-scarred war horse. I do, however, remember vividly what it's like to race on the Boat Race championship course for the first time. The Tideway is a...

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Reuse, don’t dispose – BRITA fill’n’go Active

Here's a thought to get you hot under the collar: every year the average UK household uses 480 disposable plastic bottles. 480! Of those 480, a depressing 210 end up in landfill. Or in the river. Or the ocean. Even people who ought to know better turn up to rowing...

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Losing (and winning) at the Vets’ Head

There are certain times in a girl's life when she really, really wants to be cool. Parking. Clubbing. And, as it happens, racing on the Tideway. Sadly, I am incapable of being anything other than tragic on any of these occasions. Especially on the Tideway - as I...

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The many race faces of a drama queen

When I was lucky enough to be given a GoPro earlier this year, I was massively excited by the possibilities for rowing. My technique broken down, frame by frame, for analysis. Beautiful, wide angle footage from the cox's seat. Fabulous, glossy images for Instagram....

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Be careful what you wish for! Pots of fun at Penarth

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted that in a recent post I mentioned that a pewter pot was right up at the top of my rowing wish list. The china ones are lovely, and if you have enough to spread around (if your shelf overfloweth), they make a fine...

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Queen B Athletics – my favourite rowing apparel

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