Ride Skincare – a great sunscreen for rowers

Crikey, it's hot out there! The kind of weather that has fair-skinned types like me scuttling for the shade like a gecko running under a rock. And out on the river, with no shade to be seen and the water reflecting the sun back at you, rowing becomes a pretty...

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How the POWERbreathe muscle trainer has helped my rowing

Curled up in the foetal position at the end of my first erg sprint of the season, rocking back and forth and whimpering gently, I genuinely thought I might have done my lungs some serious damage. They were burning so much I was convinced I'd ripped them and the pain...

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Chatty woman – Girl on the River takes the mic

Anyone who gets to know me soon becomes aware that I like to talk. If there's a lull in conversation I feel compelled to fill it and I'm rarely lost for words.  I'm the one they seat next to the awkward, monosyllabic uncle at weddings. I even talk to myself. So...

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Obsession – when fitness tracking goes too far

It's nearly midnight and I should be in bed getting some much-needed sleep. Instead I'm pacing the landing. Not because I'm worried about something or trying to solve a philosophical problem. It's because I need to reach my daily steps target. Yep, I'm one of the many...

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Beet It – can beetroot make the boat go faster?

We're all endlessly looking for that magic bullet that will help us get the boat over the line before our competitors, so it's hardly surprising that I pricked up my ears when I heard about the latest research on beetroot juice. I've been aware for a while that...

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Look behind you! Learning to steer a sculling boat

As Small Person in Residence at my rowing club, I feel I have to add value wherever I can, to make up for my lack of heft. So it was only a matter of time before I felt obliged to do my bit steering a quad. For those of you baffled by how this all works, a quick...

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Life after Rio – an interview with Will Satch

Most days my life is pretty humdrum - a regular cycle of eat-sleep-work-row-repeat. But then along comes a day like the one I had recently that makes the rest all worthwhile. After a morning in the press launch watching the Cambridge crews training for the Boat Races...

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Wheels for Helene – why Helene Raynsford deserves our help

What a sportsperson does after they retire says a lot about them. Some seek the limelight, loath to relinquish the spotlight to others. Some turn to drink. Others work quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes for the good of the sport. Helene Raynsford - now Dyson -...

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Queen B Athletics – my favourite rowing apparel

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