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How to cox a head race

It was bound to happen at some point. A dangerous combination of short stature, small frame and an unfeasibly loud voice could mean only one thing. At some point I was inevitably going to end up coxing a race. However much I might protest – and protest I did – coxing was always going to […]

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Son on the Run is having driving lessons, and what a learning experience it’s been for both of us. Although he is mercifully careful, I can’t deny we’ve had our moments… like on our first outing, when the automatic gate in an industrial estate unexpectedly began to close in on my little car as SotR […]

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My Follow Friday blog slot

Since last week’s blogroll post, lots of you have been clicking away on their sites, so time to roll out another one. First on this list is the fabulously named Rowing Is Awesome – well, how could I ignore a blog with a title like that? It’s full of rowing awesomeness, with some funny stuff, […]

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