DSC_0022Every now and then I am sent a product that causes a bit of a stir in the family. As a journalist and blogger I am sent quite a few parcels to review, and most are greeted only with mild interest. The Monkey Nutrition Primal26 Pro was not one such. Even before I’d unpacked the box, my teenage son was circling with a gleam in his eye. He knows his whey, and had heard about this particular product.

So what’s the big deal? Well, here’s the blurb:

“Primal26 PRO is the upgraded version of the award winning Primal26 and one of the most advanced powders on the world market today. Fortified with a clinically tested, superior digestive enzyme complex, Primal26 PRO increases amino acid concentrations in the blood by up to 55 times, when compared with other fortified powders, allowing for more effective growth and recovery. The ProHydrolase enzyme complex helps to ensure smaller, non-immunogenic protein peptides are formed, reducing inflammation and the potential for gastric discomfort, which are often associated with protein consumption.”

So, in a nutshell, it’s a classy product, it’s easier to digest than a lot of whey powders and is – so it claims – more effective in helping your recovery.

It’s hard to test such a claim (especially as I don’t find other powders a digestive challenge) but I was very interested to find out what it tasted like, especially when I learned it was flavoured with real, organic cocoa rather than a nasty flavouring, and is sweetened with stevia.

I’m pleased to report that on the taste front it earned a huge thumbs up. It tastes of chocolate milkshake, in a thoroughly good way (mmmmmm) and is properly chocolatey (very important to a chocolate-lover like me). The aftertaste is better than with most protein powders, which earns it extra points.

I tried it just as it comes (milkshakey) and also made it into a seriously good shake with banana, peanut butter and even more cocoa powder. Sublime.


There’s just one problem, though. I have had to find ever more inventive hiding places for it, as every time I get it out of the cupboard I find my son got there first and it’s gone down a bit more. I’m down to the last sprinkling now and may just have to carry it around with me everywhere I go.

Would I buy again? Most definitely, but I shall have to buy a whey-sized safe first.

Monkey Nutrition Primal26 Pro whey protein isolate £29.99 for 434g, currently reduced to £21. It ain’t cheap, but it is good.