As you’re probably aware, I like to keep things non-political at Girl on the River. But I’m going to make an exception when it comes to this week’s Iowa caucus. Amidst all the hoo-haa over the defeat of the Trumpster and the rise of Rubio, there was one real winner in Iowa. Behold Rowing Dude, who steadfastly ignored Ted Cruz’s lecture on left wing judges because he had an erg to complete, and nothing – not even a caucus in the spotlight of the world’s press – was going to stop him from finishing his 10,000m. Ted Cruz had no choice but to make his speech against the backdrop of that oh-so-familiar whooshing sound. OK, so his technique might leave a little to be desired, but Rowing Dude, we salute you. Iowa should be proud.

With thanks to Jon Ward for the tweet that brought us Rowing Dude.

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