When you get towards the end of February it’s easy to feel as though the winter season is never going to end. Endurance training has started to take on a new meaning. Sitting in the cold for hours in marshalling, long, tough races, even longer ergs … and with the Tideway heads still many weeks away it’s easy to flag. This season has seen me busier than ever, and to make things more difficult for myself I’ve added in a weekly dance class (more on that at a later date, I promise). All of which means I’ve been running around like a headless chicken and often finding it difficult to fit in the small matter of eating. I’m not normally a great one for supplements, but I’ve been really grateful for the endurance pack that SiS sent me a few months ago – so much so that when I finished one I bought a further one myself.

SiS products are, as far as I’m concerned, the bees’ knees (and as a Queen B that’s praise indeed). For a start they’re all anti-doping friendly. The GB Rowing Team is fuelled by SiS and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. The products taste great – the electrolyte drinks taste just like regular squash, the recovery drinks are like milkshakes without that nasty protein-y after taste, and the bars aren’t too sickly sweet. Better still, they’re all light on your stomach, which for someone like me who’s prone to queasiness when I work out is a huge benefit.

The electrolyte and energy drinks saw me through the long ergs I had to do in the heat of the late summer when I was training for the Great Ouse Marathon (I also had one of the energy bars just before we raced, setting the record for our age category). The recovery drinks have been brilliant for exhausting Tuesday nights when I rush from an erg session to a dance class and need something I can drink quickly in the car in between without weighing me down. I’m not a big fan of gels, generally (though did force a few down during the Great Row) so I’ve given most of them to my son who uses them for his own training. And the bottle itself has proved useful – unlike many reusable bottles it doesn’t leak, which is more than just a detail.

Of course, you can train perfectly effectively without supplements and can make your own energy drinks, but when things are crazily hectic these are really useful. All of the products in the endurance pack can be bought individually as well as in a bundle. The endurance pack is £14 and is available directly from SiS as well as in various outlets. All in all, highly recommended.

The endurance pack was sent by SiS for review purposes but my review is, as always, unbiased and honest.