Here’s a thought to get you hot under the collar: every year the average UK household uses 480 disposable plastic bottles. 480! Of those 480, a depressing 210 end up in landfill. Or in the river. Or the ocean. Even people who ought to know better turn up to rowing clutching a bottle of water they bought just that day and will dispose of later. And this, my river-loving friends, is not OK. So I’ve teamed up with BRITA, which has just launched its first fitness bottle, the BRITA fill’n’go Active, to plead with you to swap your disposable one for a reusable one.

As part of its campaign launching the new bottle, as well as urging you to swap your disposable bottle for a reusable one, BRITA is encouraging you to swap your usual fitness routine for something new as well. So this weekend, I did. In addition to a sweaty set of time trials on the river (our VetD crew against some J15/16 girls from the local school), I took to the gym for the first time in several years. And it was a blast. I felt all RARRR (even with my modest weights) and walked out of the gym with a distinct swagger.

Now a word of warning. If you’re doing something new, as I was, it’s a good idea to take it gently. I was terrified of injuring myself with just a week to go until the Vets’ Head, so went for fairly light weights – definitely less than I was capable of – but it was still enough to have my muscles talking to me this morning. So don’t overdo it. If you’re heading out for a jog and haven’t run in donkeys’ years, don’t tear up a hill and try a five miler. Mix your running with walking and do less rather than more. Better to build up and get stronger and fitter than overdo it and end up with your foot on ice. If you’re hitting the gym, get an instructor to show you a straightforward routine and forget what the last person or the next person was lifting. This is about you, not anyone else.

As for the BRITA bottle, it gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s BPA-free (a deal-breaker for me) so won’t poison you with chemicals. It has clever little filter discs (each one filters 150l so lasts about four weeks) that mean you can use tap water but don’t have the tap taste. You don’t have to suck too hard to get the water – good for a quick sip between time trials. And best of all, although it filters out chlorine it still allows minerals like calcium and magnesium through.

There are a few niggles. It’s expensive; a bottle with seven microdiscs (which should last you seven months) is £37.98 – cheaper than bottled water but more expensive than a regular sports bottle without the filter system. And if you don’t have the lid on, I found that it does leak. But I liked it enough that I’m going to carry on using it.

And as for the gym? Well it’s definitely found a place in my life again. RARRR!

THe BRITA fill’n’go Active with seven discs is available from BRITA here for £37.98. I was given the bottle by BRITA for review purposes but received no payment. As always, my opinion is independent and unbiased.