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It’s been many, many months now since you wonderful people voted me into the final of the UK Blog Awards, but at last, on Friday, we had the long-awaited awards ceremony.

The first thing I discovered was that I’m really not a red carpet natural.  I arrived dressed to the nines (essentially in fancy dress as the dancing lady emoji ??), looking forward to my grand entrance. Instead the official photographer looked me up and down, gave me a frankly withering look and turned round to photograph another (younger) blogger instead. Rude.

As red carpet ready as I’ll ever be…

Anyway, things soon looked up once I’d found my way in, got a glass of fizz in my hand and made contact with a few fellow bloggers. The event was superbly organised with a fabulous superhero theme and an electric atmosphere. I’d accepted there was no chance of me winning my category with such a strong field, but was happy just to be there.

Almost rocking the look…

The winner – quite rightly, in my view – was The Runner Beans – a brilliant running blog by the excellent Charlie Watson, whom I was delighted to meet on the night. I thoroughly recommend her blog which is not only utterly human and relatable but an incredibly useful resource for runners. Go check her out.

I was so busy arranging my features into the No-I’m-Delighted-Really rictus grin of the Good Loser that I almost missed the shock announcement. To my astonishment I was awarded the Highly Commended accolade (basically runner-up) alongside uber-blogger and Instagram star Zanna van Dijk.

For a tiny rowing blog – a niche subject in the fitness world, let’s face it – to be recognised in such prestigious awards blew me away, and I was incredibly proud to be representing rowing to the wider world. I didn’t even realise there was a Highly Commended certificate to pick up (I told you I hadn’t got the red carpet thing nailed) but I’m getting it posted to me and I’ll put up a picture of it when it arrives. It’ll be taking pride of place on my office wall.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you who voted to get me there. It’s a huge honour. And please do go and check out the other fantastic blogs in my category, all of which are really classy reads. They are:

Love Yourself Lean – a gorgeous blog promoting good mental as well as physical health with an emphasis on self-esteem.

Veloccino – all things cycling, by a true bike enthusiast – his passion for his sport really shines through.

Lean Bean Nutrition – great, sound advice and recipes by a registered dietitian with no fads or woowoo.

Ban Hass – a woman on a mission to show the fitness world for what it really is. Never afraid to be controversial and regularly creating waves on social media.

The Healthy Fitmum – an instagram star and super-glam mother who vlogs about health, fitness and lifestyle.


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