It’s not often I’m impressed by products designed specifically for women. Not for me the cutesy purple Seat Mii hatchback, the pastel-coloured “Bic for Her” or the pink-encased “Just for Girls” version of Sellotape. But when it comes to walking boots it’s a different story. Women’s feet really are different from men’s, as various studies have established. Our heels tend to be narrower, the balls of our feet wider and a bigger ‘ball girth’ relative to the rest of our feet (stop sniggering at the back). The Terradora by Keen, which I was sent to try out last month, has been designed to take these differences into account with cushioning and shaping to suit the female foot, and I was eager to try it out. I’ve been doing a lot more walking since I got my fitness tracker and urgently needed some rugged boots to take me through the rest of the year, but recent attempts to find a comfortable, waterproof hiking boot had involved a series of fruitless, thoroughly dispiriting visits to outdoor shops where none of the boots seemed right for my feet.

I was encouraged by the fact that, although designed for women, the Terradora wasn’t girlie in appearance. Although one model comes in the inevitable pink and purple colourway, the other versions are in an appealing mid blue, a vibrant turquoise and a variety of tasteful greys (like the ones they sent me).

Over the last month I’ve taken them out on some longish hikes over varied terrain, with steep hills and rough, slippery ground. They have risen to the challenge beautifully. They have a nice, squidgy bit of give in them that makes them feel pleasantly bouncy, and they support the foot in all the right places with no rubbing or chafing. I barely noticed I was wearing them, which is exactly what you want out of a boot. They stayed dry when I splashed through a bit of a stream, stood firm on loose shale, survived some nibbling by eager lambs and didn’t overheat.

All in all, a win. The Keen Women’s Terradora Waterproof Boot is available for £109.99 from Keen Footwear.

Note: I was given the Terradora boots for review purposes, but I received no payment for this review and as always, my opinion is independent and honest.

Leggings = Daisy compression leggings by Queen B Athletics

Lambs = Marshmallow and Sam

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