A couple of years ago, when I first discovered the gorgeous rowing kit made by Queen B Athletics, I realised I’d stumbled upon something rather special. Little did I imagine that one day I would have a Queen B piece actually named after me. That was an honour I assumed was for other, more glamorous, more elite, more talented rowers. Certainly not for the likes of me. But friends, that’s exactly what has happened. Behold the Carswell sweater.

The Carswell is a truly lovely piece of kit. Lighter, softer, silkier and infinitely more flattering than a regular sweatshirt, it drapes beautifully, following your body’s lines rather than swamping them. In true Queen B fashion it has cute little details, such as the No Place for Princess logo by the waistband and the Queen B logo on the arm. Best of all, in a final stroke of genius, the pattern is a series of tiny crossed oars.

It’s honestly a dream to wear. Obviously you’ll want to sling it on over your all-in-one after an outing, but it’s way more versatile than that. So in case you need any help with figuring our where and when to wear it, here are a few suggestions.

You can wear it to the pub.

You can go shopping in it (Didier & Dandelion in Monmouth is the lovely shop in the picture, before you ask).

Or even, if you’re a real, Theresa-May-style rebel, you can run through wheat fields in it (note: no crops were harmed in the making of these photos).

So seriously, don’t hang about. You’d be mad to wait. Get your Carswell on.

The Carswell is available from Queen B Athletics and costs €49. You can buy yours here.

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