After a rather downbeat few weeks I’ve started to feel it’s time to change the mood, and how better to do it than with a celebration? I’m beyond thrilled to tell you that Girl on the River has won the endurance category of the Myprotein Fitness Awards 2017!!!

This is big news for me, not just because it’s lovely to win an award, but because it’s the first time Girl on the River has won anything outside the immediate rowing world. Rowing, as you all know, is usually filed neatly away in “other sports”, emerging only during the Olympics to show the world how great it is. So for a rowing blog to win an endurance category, where it was up against runners and cyclists and crossfitters and climbers – all excellent blogs and vlogs and well worth a look – means so much to me.

From what the judges said, I think it was partly the struggles I have with the sport that endeared me to them. I’ve never made rowing look easy, either on or off the water, and it’s good to know that my honesty (which someone challenged recently, suggesting perhaps I could be too honest for my own good), is seen for what it’s intended to be – an acknowledgement that sport is tough and it’s OK not to cruise through finding it effortless.

So a massive, massive thank you to every single one of you who voted me on to the shortlist and had faith in me. And an equally big thank you to Myprotein for choosing a rowing blog and for my lovely prize of Myprotein goodies and clothes (more on that, no doubt, in future).

Please check out the other winners HERE and the shortlisted blogs HERE. They’re all really different and well worth a read.