Forget Dry January. Forget Veganuary. Here at Girl on the River I’m bucking the trend and devoting  the month of January to my old frenemy, the ergometer with a mission I’m calling Erganuary.

In a sudden rush of blood to the head while mooching around the Concept2 website (ostensibly looking for intel on cleaning the chain), I clicked (without a great deal of thought) on a challenge called The Big Stretch which commits me to going on the erg every day for the whole of January. I think rowing on the water counts towards the total, but my aim is to make it 31 days on the rowing machine.

There are no rules, but I’ve set myself a minimum of a manageable 1,000 metres minimum per day, which should even be achievable when I’m feeling out of sorts.

So what on earth possessed me to do it? Well, I’m simply aiming to make my time on the erg less of a big deal – to lose the hysteria out and adopt a matter-of-fact approach.

With that in mind, my first ergo of the year was just over 1,000m – just a quick dash to the shed, a cool five minutes and done.

So we’ll see how it goes. I’m aware there may be days when there isn’t a handy erg available, and days, perhaps, when I’m unwell. But hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be reporting a good, steady run of miles on the erg.

I have plans to make it more fun – playlist and podcasts and even disco lighting – but really a bit of company would make it MUCH more entertaining, so if anyone’s in, let me know. You don’t have to join me on day one – come along for the ride whenever you fancy. Whaddya think?



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