More than a month into lockdown, most of us have settled down into some kind of rhythm. There’s definitely a new normal – it no longer feels weird to be exercising via video screen with the wifi dipping in and out – and life in lockdown, for those of us lucky enough to be still healthy, feels a lot more settled than it did a few weeks ago.

I’ve been mixing it up as much as I possibly can. I take my daily walk at different times of the day and night, including an amazing moonlit stroll a couple of weeks ago under that supermoon, and a gorgeous dawn hike, watching the sun come up.

As far as workouts are concerned, I signed up for online classes via Zoom with the wonderful Kristin at Scullhouse in Toronto (you may remember I blogged about them here). Twice or three times a week I’ve been joining my new friends across the pond for tough, sweaty workouts with HIIT erg intervals interspersed with body weight exercises. My fitness has come on in leaps and bounds (which is just as well, since like everybody else I’ve been eating carbs like they’re going out of style and baking biscuits, sourdough and everything in between.

In between times, I’ve been doing everything from bootcamp and ballet to spin and yoga, via Facebook live and YouTube. I even did an awesomely fun dance class this morning which I was rash enough to make public on Instagram (I have literally no shame).

River Dart

As April progressed, I kept spotting a crossed-out entry in my diary: the Head of the Dart. As my regular readers know, this stunning 15km race between Dartmouth and Totnes has been a regular feature of my life for some years, and I was vexed to be missing it. Not to be deterred, I arranged for my crew to race it via Zoom, complete with cox. We didn’t do the full 15km – we decided that to set a distance rather than a time would be a bit demoralising for the weaker ergers in the squad (ie me) as we were all starting together, so instead we agreed on a set time and to our great delight beat the course record by two minutes!

I know it’s not the same as the real thing, but it was still just lovely to be there with my crewmates, all in race kit, with our cox squeezing out every last ounce we had to give (and I was pretty pleased with my split, too).

Other friends have been doing everything from Les Mills classes, Peleton sessions, PE with Joe Wicks, Zoom ergs with their clubs, hot yoga on YouTube (presumably you need to turn the heating up!) and of course the daily walk or run which has taken on a huge importance for everyone’s mental health.

So how about you? What have you been doing to keep your fitness levels up? Are you coping with the weirdness of lockdown (and if you’re struggling, what helps?)

Keep me posted, and until we meet again (which according to Her Majesty, we definitely will), stay safe and well.

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