One of the inevitable casualties of Covid-19 is our annual regatta, always held on the May bank holiday weekend (it would have been this coming weekend). Sad though it is for us as a club to be missing out on one of the highlights of our year, it’s even sadder for the charity that was to benefit from a portion of each seat fee.

But we’ve never let problems like this stand in our way. Instead, we’re holding a charity challenge to raise money for our nominated charity, Mind. As our club president is celebrating his 60th year as a member of the club, we’re doing challenges based around the number 60.

For my own contribution I wanted to do something that would challenge me – really challenge me – without landing me in hospital (the NHS has enough on its plate without me stressing it further). I still find it hard to gauge what I’m capable of and regularly get it wrong.

After a lot of thought I’ve settled on a 60km “triathlon” which I’m going to complete over three days. I’m starting this Friday with 20km on the erg.

Saturday will be 20km on the spin bike, which I think ought to take me about an hour (so is basically a bit of a rest day).

Then Sunday will involve a 20km walk – a lot further than I’ve walked in a long time, so a proper challenge.

And finally, at 5pm on Sunday our women’s squad is meeting via Zoom for a well-deserved celebratory cake and drink (purely to refuel, you understand).

So, anyway, down to business. I know times are hard, but if you could spare a few pence to sponsor me, it would mean the world to me and to the people who benefit from Mind. The charity is particularly dear to our hearts as it’s being championed by one of our juniors whose lovely brother, JJ, took his own life a year ago, and we want to do our bit to make sure that others like JJ can get help before they’re overwhelmed. You can support me by clicking here and following the instructions.

You can follow my progress this weekend on social media (@girlontheriver on all channels) – it would be fantastic if you could cheer me on, especially as the weekend progresses and I start to get weary.

And let me know what your club is doing to make up for missing events.

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