National Schools Regatta – another Rowing Mother

If you enjoyed yesterday's Rowing Mother Stereotype, thought you might enjoy another. Willing to bet you'll spot her this weekend. This is the first year that Lisa’s had to go up to Nat Schools on her own. For some reason Tony didn’t seem that keen to come. Frankly...

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Rowing stereotypes – the Rowing Mother

Since it's National Schools Regatta this weekend, I thought I'd have a rummage around in the archive and dig out a guest post I wrote for another site a few years ago. It's a bit unkind - all good stereotypes are - but I bet you won't have to go too far this weekend...

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Advice for the vertically challenged rower

I've always known that being vertically challenged is a disadvantage in rowing. Thankfully up until now no one has made a big deal of it, but I can't help noticing that my height - or lack of it - has been the subject of rather too many conversations for my liking in...

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What Not to Wear (the dos and don’ts of river fashion)

It's all very well having a lovely stroke, but however elegant your rowing you can totally, utterly ruin the effect when you get off the water if you're attired in dodgy kit. Whatever anyone might try to tell you, what you wear on the river MATTERS. If you don't...

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All-in-one for all

There's no excuse for it, really. Up and down the country, grown men and women are flaunting themselves in outfits that quite frankly ought to have a warning attached to them. Skintight, unforgiving, impossible to put on and take off without double joints and a lot of...

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