I’m happy to review the occasional product for Girl on the River, provided it is relevant to the subjects I blog about; please remember that this is primarily a rowing blog. I don’t accept payment for reviews and my opinions will always be independent and honest. I’m always interested in hearing about rowing events and if you’re inviting me to meet rowing royalty I’ve got my wellies in the car ready to go.

For the record, I don’t publish press releases, sponsored posts or anything along those lines. Neither do I accept guest posts, so please do not contact me offering to write for me.

I can be persuaded to write the occasional guest post on other blogs (see, for example, this one on 10 things never to say to a rower, written exclusively for the Rowperfect blog and this one about why everyone should row, written for Nicola Joyce’s blog, The Fit Writer).

If you’d like to discuss any of these issues, please do get in touch; all my details are on the Contact page.

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