Dryrobe – your new best friend for race day

There are people out there who, when it comes to race day, just fling an all-in-one in the car and consider themselves ready to go. I am not one of those people. I like to be super-prepared with a lengthy list of essential items to throw in my kit bag. I also need to...

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Well gel – a month of SiS gels

I'm a late convert to gels. I used to find their texture and consistency unappealing and couldn't really see the point of them. Until this year, that is, when I had something of a Damascene conversion. I used them to great effect on our Finnish adventure, refuelling...

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Get your Carswell on! Queen B’s gorgeous sweater

A couple of years ago, when I first discovered the gorgeous rowing kit made by Queen B Athletics, I realised I'd stumbled upon something rather special. Little did I imagine that one day I would have a Queen B piece actually named after me. That was an honour I...

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Ride Skincare – a great sunscreen for rowers

Crikey, it's hot out there! The kind of weather that has fair-skinned types like me scuttling for the shade like a gecko running under a rock. And out on the river, with no shade to be seen and the water reflecting the sun back at you, rowing becomes a pretty...

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How the POWERbreathe muscle trainer has helped my rowing

Curled up in the foetal position at the end of my first erg sprint of the season, rocking back and forth and whimpering gently, I genuinely thought I might have done my lungs some serious damage. They were burning so much I was convinced I'd ripped them and the pain...

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Hiking for girls – the women’s Terradora waterproof boot

It's not often I'm impressed by products designed specifically for women. Not for me the cutesy purple Seat Mii hatchback, the pastel-coloured "Bic for Her" or the pink-encased "Just for Girls" version of Sellotape. But when it comes to walking boots it's a different...

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Healthy rowing recipes with Vitamix

I've had my eye on a Vitamix for a while, ever since I interviewed someone a few years ago who swore by theirs. For those of you not in the know, Vitamix make top-of-the-range, fearsomely powerful blenders. They are the Ferrari to the Nissan Micra of most blenders on...

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Beet It – can beetroot make the boat go faster?

We're all endlessly looking for that magic bullet that will help us get the boat over the line before our competitors, so it's hardly surprising that I pricked up my ears when I heard about the latest research on beetroot juice. I've been aware for a while that...

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