Back to school with Future Fit

I'm always looking for my next challenge. I'm happiest when I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone (hence my last post on learning to steer!) In recent years most of my new endeavours have been fitness related, but my latest venture isn't taking place on the river....

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True Blue – Girl on the River finally makes the crew

It's fair to say that my student days, back in the dim and distant past, were not spent pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I did devote a reasonable amount of time to poring over dusty legal textbooks, it's true, but the rest of my waking hours were mostly occupied with...

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Reuse, don’t dispose – BRITA fill’n’go Active

Here's a thought to get you hot under the collar: every year the average UK household uses 480 disposable plastic bottles. 480! Of those 480, a depressing 210 end up in landfill. Or in the river. Or the ocean. Even people who ought to know better turn up to rowing...

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SiS – making endurance training a little easier

When you get towards the end of February it's easy to feel as though the winter season is never going to end. Endurance training has started to take on a new meaning. Sitting in the cold for hours in marshalling, long, tough races, even longer ergs ... and with the...

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What fuels our Olympic rowers? SiS and a lot of determination

With the temperatures hotter than we've seen them for a while, it seems like a good time to be talking about hydration. Unsurprisingly, Team GB don't let a bit of hot weather get between them and their training, but they have to be careful to stay hydrated and avoid...

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Regatta preparation – keeping colds at bay

So, with just days to go until British Masters Champs (affectionately known as Nat Vets) and with the draw now out, my palpitations are in full swing. This is pretty much how I look right now: Fear aside, it's always about this point that I start feeling that...

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Rowperfect Coxmate GPS – a Luddite is won over

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge gadget-lover. I've never been the one to go for the latest bit of tech, and have shown little interest in those digital computer thingies - whatever they are - hanging from the necks of coaches and coxes. So when along came...

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Blue Heron – high performance kit for serious rowers

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a bit of a rowing kit geek. I have strong views on what is OK and what is not when it comes to river attire, and will be the first to admit that I'm picky. So when Blue Heron - the new kid on the kit block - launched last year I was...

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