I’m Patricia Carswell, a.k.a. Girl on the River, though I’ll also answer to Trash (thanks, autocorrect). I’m a freelance journalist specialising in health, fitness, lifestyle and travel. I’m also a rower who has developed a burning passion for a sport that doesn’t always love me back.

Rowing is pretty much the last sport I should ever have thought of taking up. At a pint-sized 5’3″, I’m ridiculously small for a it. I also have a history of M.E./C.F.S. that has made rowing – a massively strenuous activity – a huge challenge at times. And like most people, when I started I was spectacularly, catastrophically bad at it.

But rowing has got under my skin like no other form of exercise ever has. The river has me in its thrall, and I love the endless challenges that go with such a technically difficult sport. Girl on the River is where I share the highs and lows, the joys and frustrations, the losses and occasional wins. I hope you’ll join me on the ride.


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