When life takes over – the Girl is off the River again

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that things have been a bit quiet lately over at Girl on the River. It’s not that I’ve abandoned my lovely readers; it’s just that I’ve been a bit busy with other stuff.

Now, obviously rowing is important. Very important. And rarely more so than at the time of year when the evenings get longer and warmer and regatta season beckons. What I’ve had to come to terms with in the last month, though, is that sometimes other things prove more important. I know, who knew?

So just at the moment, for family reasons, I’m having to take a little break from rowing, probably for a few months. I can’t deny it’s a challenge, and there are times when I gaze longingly at the river of an evening, wishing I were there. But I’m reliably informed that the river will still be there when I return, even if the temperatures aren’t as glorious or the evenings so perfect.

How the club will manage without the frankly Amazonian strength that I provide to my crew is another matter. Let’s just hope they keep eating those flapjacks.



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