The draw is out for the World Rowing Masters Championships and I’m not gonna lie, I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. It’s all suddenly got a bit scarily real. But alongside the jitters I’m genuinely excited to see all the crews that I’m up against. Yes, for four minutes or so many of these people will be my competitors and rivals and it’ll be strictly eyes in the boat, but I’m really hoping to come away from the Worlds with a bunch of brand new rowing friends.

Looking at the draw for the two women’s crews I’m rowing in – the WD2x and the WD8+ – we’re the only British crews in our individual races and will be up against rowers from all over the world, from Canada to Poland. My buddies in the women’s masters squad at Belfast Rowing Club have entered some other events – I’m really looking forward to seeing them again – and I’m pretty sure there will be the odd familiar face from regattas.

Do let me know if you’re going to be there, and if you spot me come and say hi (OK, maybe not if I’m actually on my way to race – I might not be quite in the right frame of mind for a chat, but any other time). And if you’re in one of my races, let me know!


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