Christmas gifts for rowers – stocking fillers

If you're anything like me, you start to get a little bit panicky around this time of year. I start strong, early in the season, with a few easy wins, picking up bits and pieces that don't require much brainwork. And then suddenly, whoosh, it's December, Bublé is...

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Can we please talk about erg scores?

Earlier this week I did something I'd never done before. I went public on my erg scores. In the past I've always been deeply ashamed by my performance on the erg. My scores have always been right down towards the bottom of my squad's leader board, no matter how hard I...

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Well gel – a month of SiS gels

I'm a late convert to gels. I used to find their texture and consistency unappealing and couldn't really see the point of them. Until this year, that is, when I had something of a Damascene conversion. I used them to great effect on our Finnish adventure, refuelling...

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