When I first started planning this post, I was going to make it a funny one, showcasing all the ridiculous things you see people doing on the erg. What, after all, is more hilarious to rowers than a gym rower making basic mistakes on the rowing machine? But I’ve had a change of heart – a bit of a Road to Damascus conversion. First there was the humbling experience of seeing the Crossfitters and the gym rowers beasting it at the Great Row, for all their lack of style. And then there was the niggling feeling that it just wasn’t fair to sneer. I’m sure a gym regular could have hours of fun watching me trying to do a squat or a bench press, and Crossfitters could laugh me out of the box with my feeble attempts at pull ups. So instead of mocking I thought I’d try to do something useful. It’s still “how not to erg”, but it’s a genuine attempt to answer the questions that non-rowers have asking me about good (and bad) technique.

If you’ve anything (constructive) to add, or any questions you want to ask, fire away in the comments section or on any of my social media channels. You know I always love a good chat about rowing!